Coin Shortage Hits More U.S. Stores

Stores like Walmart and CVS are the latest to join the growing list of retailers that are asking customers to pay with a debit card right now.


Because the U.S. is currently experiencing a nationwide coin shortage... (did anyone have that one on their 2020 bingo card?!)

The coronavirus pandemic made a huge impact on the flow of nickels, dimes, and quarters at businesses - so there aren't as many coins in circulation at the moment.

If you go to Walmart or CVS anytime soon, just keep in mind that they are asking customers to pay with a card, or with exact change when they can. And those two aren't the only retailers asking that of their customers right now...

Kroger stores nationwide have also been doing this. However, they're giving their customers an option to put the change on a loyalty card for future use instead.

Read the full report on CNBC.

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