Sooo... About That Second Stimulus Check...

It's the question on all of our minds...

Will we get a second round of stimulus checks?!

Stimulus Checks With President Trump's Name Sent Out To Americans

Photo: Getty Images

There's no certain answer quite yet, but here's where things currently stand with Congress:

While both Democrats and Republicans agree that another coronavirus aid package is necessary, there's still debate over exactly what that should look like.

House Democrats are calling for another $1,200 check, similar to the ones that were sent out in April.

But Republicans, who control the Senate, want to limit who would qualify for the payments -- potentially sending out a second stimulus check only to those who earn less than $40,000 a year.

"I think there are many families depending on size of family and so many different things, that the $40,000 would have to be explained, justified and the rest," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said last week at a press conference. "But I think families making over $40,000 probably need assistance. Again, just depending on their family situation."

Both the House and Senate are expected to work on the new stimulus package when they return to session on Monday, so we'll keep you updated.

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