#FeelGood Update On Suzy, The Dog Who Found Herself A Home

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In December 2019, I brought to you the story of a stray dog that was caught on security camera video wandering the streets of Philadelphia, malnourished and injured.

In the video, around 3:15am, you see the dog walking around, limping, then leaving the camera view. But then, for some reason, the dog turns around, appearing again on camera and walks up a set of stairs and through a doorway to a home.

Well, later that morning, Jack Jokinen and his wife got up and found the dog in their home. The front door was locked, the back door was locked, so HOW did she get there?

After Jack saw the security camera footage, he realized that after he walked his dog George, the night before, he must not have pushed the door closed fully, so during the storm, the wind blew the door open, which is how the dog got in. The amazing thing was, shortly after the dog walked in a man walks by, sees the door open and walks up the stairs and pulls the door closed. (that man was a neighbor who Jack has since thanked and befriended for being a good neighbor.)

Since they already had a dog, Jack and his wife called animal control and were told that they could drop the dog off, and if she wasn't micro-chipped, she would end up in the system to wait to be adopted.

So Jack and his wife decided to take matters into their own hands. They named her Suzy and they took her to the vet, found out she was about 9-years-old and not only did she not have a chip, she was malnourished and had a few other age related medical issues that need to be attended to.

After telling Suzy's story on social media and in dozens of TV, radio and newspaper interviews, Jack got a bunch of requests from people who wanted to help, so he opened up his Venmo account so that people who wanted to could donate to Suzy's medical bills. He said regardless of donations, Suzy had found her forever home and they vowed to take care of her and let her live the rest of her life in peace and comfort, with a family, a full belly and a warm bed.

Well, Jack received a donations, far more than what was needed for Suzy's medical bills, so he vowed that the rest of the money raised would be used to help other animals.

It's been 7 months since Suzy found her home and she's gone through an amazing tranformation. Her limp is gone, she's gained weight, has overcome some separation anxiety issues and she is healthy and happy, so healthy in fact that she recently went into heat! At first glance when they first saw her, the vet could not tell if she had been spayed, so now they know...and after her heat is over, she will undergo that surgery.

She also enjoys hanging out with her pup brother, Jorge and her new little sister, as Jack and his wife welcomed a baby girl.

Not only that, but Suzy's story has inspired more than 100 adoptions in 7 months! And Jack says that in addition to that, they're taking $10,000 of the funds that are left over from donations for Suzy's medical care and they're using those funds to promote '100 Home for 100 Dogs' and giving $100 to 100 people that adopt from shelters or rescues.

For more details about this, check out the Facebook link below or go to SuzynPupman.com and fill out an online form.

Follow Suzy and her adventures on Instagram @SuzynPupman and follow her brother @Jorge_pawsada too!

Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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