Five Guys Employees Fired, Suspended After Refusing to Serve Cops

A group of Five Guys employees at a location in Daphne, Alabama, have been fired or suspended after they allegedly denied three police officers service the restaurant said.

According to a report from Fox 8, about six or seven employees at the location allegedly turned their backs on the three officers when they entered the restaurant on Tuesday. One officer claimed he heard one of the employees state that "I'm not serving them."

The officers decided to leave and go to another restaurant.

“Five Guys and the Daphne, AL franchise want to thank the Daphne Police Department for their support in working together toward a resolution," the restaurant posted on its Facebook page Friday. "The actions the Daphne, AL franchise have taken include termination and suspension of the employees involved. The store has temporarily closed for further education and customer service training with a representative from the Daphne Police Department and will reopen at 4PM today, July 10th. As we uphold our commitment to fair, respectful, and equal treatment for all customers, please know that the actions and sentiments of a few employees in Daphne, AL do not represent Five Guys or the local franchisee.”

The department issued a statement about the incident:

"The Daphne Police Department appreciates the outpouring of support from our community and from supporters of law enforcement across the country. We also want to thank Five Guys on a corporate and local level. We have been working through this situation and there has been total cooperation. The Daphne Police Department does not think that the actions of a few employees represents Five Guys as a whole."

The department added in its statement that the officers first entered the location, then returned to their vehicle after remembering the face mask requirements that are currently in place.

“All three officers were wearing masks the entire time they were inside of the establishment,” the police statement said.

It was after the officers returned inside that the employees allegedly turned their backs on the officers.

Photo: Getty Images

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