Crooked LA Hack Jose Huizar Got His Mom Involved

Jose Huizar's stupid smirk says it all. He has ex-supporters, ex-staffers, ex-colleagues and probably a soon-to-be ex-wife in shock over his corruption troubles.

Turns out that this piece of s&#% somehow also got his mother and brother involved in his shenanigans.

What kind of scumbag gets his mom and brother pinched with him ?

Here are some of the details from the LA Times:

Federal investigators alleged in the complaint that Jose Huizar funneled cash bribes through his family members, who put the money into their own accounts and then paid his credit card bills, property taxes and other expenses, including the interest on a bank loan that allowed the councilman to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by one of his aides.
Prosecutors said Huizar gave his mother more than $108,000 in cash between January 2014 and September 2017; she paid roughly the same amount directly or indirectly to Huizar, according to information in the criminal complaint.
Investigators alleged that the councilman also provided cash to his brother, who then paid roughly $130,000 directly or indirectly to him, according to information in the criminal complaint.
A federal investigator examined bank records and watched surveillance footage of Isidra Huizar depositing an envelope with “a large sum of cash,” according to information in the criminal complaint.

Turns out Huizar's mom, brother are identified in the criminal complaint. Are Huizar's family members victims in this scandal? Hell no !! They had to know exactly what they were doing.

In most cases, people aren't victims...just willing participants.

Listen to John & Ken discuss Huizar's despicable and crooked tactics.

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