Meet The Dog Making Social Distant Deliveries On His Own

Meet Eros! The 8-year-old chocolate lab who's helping residents in Medellin, Colombia practice social distancing by making doggy-deliveries.

Eros make runs several times each day, toting a straw basket filled with fruits, vegetables and packaged food - grabbing the basket handle with his mouth.

The AP reports El Porvenir mini-market owner Maria Natividad Botero says Eros makes deliveries on his own - having learned the names and locations of customers with the help of some tasty treats.

“He helps us to maintain social distancing” says Eros’ owner Maria Natividad Botero. “And people love it when we send the dog.”

She also admits Eros was begrudgingly accepted into the family at first - at the pleading of her son - but they all quickly fell in love the then puppy.

Eros might not know the impact he's having but he sure does look cute while he is doing it!

“He’s quite a glutton” Botero said. “He won’t leave your house until you give him a treat.”

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