The Laugh Factory's Hollywood Venue to Unveil Black Lives Matter Mural

 HOLLYWOOD (CNS) - The Laugh Factory is sending a serious message as it unveils a 148-foot-long mural today as a tribute to Black Lives Matter.

“This mural is an important avenue for Black artists to present societal challenges in a public and impactful way through the lens of their experiences,'' The Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada said about the paintingbelieved to be the largest in the nation created in tribute to BLM.

Five Black artists, Alexandra Allie Belisle, Amanda Ferrell Hale, Noah Humes, PeQue Brown and Shplinton, created the mural commissioned by The Laugh Factory and Los Angeles Fourth District Councilman David Ryu.

“The artwork inspires us to support accountability and meaningful change as we work together to create pathways that heal our nation,'' Masada said.

The Laugh Factory has served as a staging area for a number of significant Black Lives Matter and Black Women Lead events over the last two months, company officials said, with thousands of people gathering outside theclub in the streets of Hollywood to call for change to provide equal justice under the law for all Americans.

The mural will be officially unveiled to the public at 1 a.m. Tuesday, July 7, at 8001 Sunset Blvd.

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