How To Wear Your Mask Properly

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Masks can only help stop the spread of coronavirus if people are wearing them properly. 

Based on guidance from the CDC and the World Health Organization, here is how you should be positioning your face covering.

Be clean to start. Wash your hands and get a clean cloth mask. Only wear clean, breathable face masks. Re-wearing the same mask could expose you to contaminants.

Put your mask on by holding it by the ear loops.  Your mask should also fit snugly against the sides of your face -- no open flaps. But it shouldn't be so tight that it's difficult to breathe through.

Make sure your nose, mouth, and chin are covered. Some people mess this step up. Proper coverage is very important. It should not be underneath your nose. Also, it is suggested that you don't touch your mask again until you are ready to take it off. 

Beware of these three familiar mask mistakes:

It fits too loose, you don't cover your nose and you put it back on and touched it.

For more information, please read here.

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