Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Launch COVID-19 Rebate Program

WHITTIER (CNS) - The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts today unveiled a rebate program to aid businesses whose sewer usage was reduced due

to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

The program provides a way for businesses with reduced or no water use as a result of the pandemic to potentially receive a reduction in their wastewater service charge, according to Robert Ferrante, chief engineer and general manager of the Sanitation Districts.

"We have a long-standing Low-Water Rebate Program that allows low-water users to apply for a reduced service charge. Per the direction of our Boards of Directors, we now have a similar COVID-19 Rebate Program for businesses that have been impacted by this pandemic,'' Ferrante said. "This program provides a fair way of charging for our services while providing relief to affected businesses.''

If a business qualifies, it would receive a partial rebate of wastewater service charge payments. The service charge payment is a separate line item on the property tax bill.

Applications for the COVID-19 rebate will be accepted through June 30 of next year. For more information, visit www.lacsd.org/covidrebate, email rebate@lacsd.org or call 562-908-4288, ext. 2727.

The Sanitation Districts are a regional agency consisting of 24 independent special districts serving more than 5.6 million people in 78 cities and unincorporated areas within Los Angeles County.

The Sanitation Districts protect public health and the environment through wastewater and solid waste management and, in doing so, convert waste into resources such as recycled water, energy and recycled materials.

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