Thriving in a Pandemic with Dr. Eva Ritvo

So many of us are struggling hard in these days of COVID-19 that it's hard to imagine that some people may actually be...uh, thriving?? It's true. Psychiatrist Dr. Eva Ritvo says the US is a country built for extroverts, which actually makes other people often feel out of place and definitely misunderstood.

It's the extroverts who feel the painful pinch of stay-at-home orders or even just social distancing. It's also the extroverts, most likely, who have been getting in front of people hollering about them at city council meetings and protests. They are feeling NOT ok, because is goes against their nature! Extroverts feed off of the energy of others. They thrive among people. In fact, they need people to feel their best.

You know who doesn't? Introverts. Introverts have been living uncomfortably as a matter of course. But the pandemic has given them a reprieve to enjoy what they feed off of without judgement: alone time. Introverts need quiet time to recharge. Other people's energy actually drains them. It's literally the opposite of extroverts.

Dr. Ritvo talks about the many other groups of people, believe it or not, who are thriving in a pandemic. Apparently one group of people started off strong, but the ongoing reality is testing their endurance.

Dr. Wendy and Dr. Ritvo cover so much more: the benefit of teletherapy, how making one little tweak a day can totally lift you up, and the bonus feature of BOTOX that helps your mood as well as the mood of anyone looking at you!

Eva Ritvo, MD has been practicing medicine for 25 years. She is also the co-author of "The Beauty Prescription" and founder of Bekindr.

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