LA County Gyms Require Masks to be Worn at All Times Even During Workouts

Under newly issued guidelines, all gym-goers in LA County must wear masks at all times even during workouts.

With this order, many are wondering if even doing so is safe.

According to Immunology Specialist Dr. Andrew Pekosz with Johns Hopkins University says it's perfectly fine.

"Masks shouldn’t interfere too much with exercising. You may need to get used to it having it on when you’re doing it, but it’s really the safest thing to do, particularly if you’re exercising inside...Exercising sends out a lot of air and a lot of plumes that can have the virus in it so masks are essential for that.
A good rule of thumb is anytime that you’re going to be speaking, breathing heavily or in close contact with other people, it’s essential that you wear a mask."

Also included in the updated order, which will heavily impact the upcoming holiday weekend, is the temporary closure of all beaches, beach parking lots, beach bike paths, beach facilities and beach access ways.

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