Seattle Business Owner: Believes There Is No End In Sight Over CHOP Zone

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Joey Rodolfo,the owner of a clothing store in Seattle, believes that the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone is not ending anytime soon.

Seattle is planning on taking over the zone again, but after several shootings and crimes. His business has continued to struggle during these acts of violence. One man has died and another remains hospitalized in critical condition Monday following the latest shooting in the area.

Protestors refused to talk with the city about a deal and citizens not involved are starting to get annoyed.

“The City Council said that they were going to take the CHOP zone down on Friday and the agitators won that one,” Rodolfo said. “Then they said it was going to happen Sunday, agitators won again. Now they’re saying it’s Monday.”

“So you know what happens when you keep moving the goalpost, right? The goalposts keep moving,” he continued.

“We don’t have any confidence that this is going to end anytime soon,” he added, noting that city council members, the mayor and governor are to blame.

“I will tell you that we have a very capable police force that could probably go in there, but we believe they probably have a stand-down order so for all of us citizens right now, there’s a huge concern that this will continue to perpetuate itself and just keep getting bigger and bigger,” Rodolfo said.

He added that he thinks “we need a great team to come in and lend some help.

He will join the John and Ken show at 4:00 p.m.

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