Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Can't Remember George Floyd's Name

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The "so-called" leaders of the Democratic Party, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, keep messing up the name of George Floyd.

You know the man they are so dedicated to seeking justice for.

According to Schumer, it’s Floyd Taylor. According to Pelosi, it’s George Kirby.

For weeks, Americans have been protesting the death of George Floyd and Pelosi and Schumer have been championing these calls for social justice.

But who is she Pelosi trying to convince? Americans or herself. George Kirby, the man she keeps referencing, is a comedian who came to fame in the 1960’s and appeared on shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show, The Dean Martin Show, The Jackie Gleason Show, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

As for Schumer, when's he is passionately calling for change. Odds are he does not mean the real-life blues singer Floyd Taylor.

One might think that Pelosi and Schumer might remember George Floyd’s name more easily; after all, here are some statements from the two Democrat power brokers.

"For something to happen, they’re going to have to face the realities of police brutalities, the realities of the need for justice in policing, and the recognition that there’s many good people in law enforcement, but not all. And that we have to address those concerns. So, when they admit that, and have some suggestions that are worthy of consideration — but so far they were trying to get away with murder, actually — the murder of George Floyd," Pelosi said.

On Wednesday, Schumer was asked, “What’s your reaction, do you think it was appropriate for Speaker Pelosi to say that Republicans are quote, getting away with murder of George Floyd?”

Schumer answered, “Pelosi’s answered that question herself and whatever — what she said was fine with me.”

Seems to us like they don't really care and are just putting on a show.

Watch the full video below:

For more information, you can read the full article at the Daily Wire.

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