Nearly Half Of Americans Say They Enjoy Physical Distancing

A good portion of Americans want their space... Obviously.

But really, they do! A new study from surveyed more than 2,000 American adults, and found that 48 percent of those people actually enjoy the physical distancing that has been put in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

"The survey, which looked at how Americans are coping with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, found that many aren’t that eager to get back to the office, gym or their favorite restaurant," the news release said.
“The pandemic has presented Americans with unprecedented disruptions to their physical and psychological well-being,” said Healthline Media President and CEO David Kopp. “We seek to understand everyone’s perspective on their physical and emotional health for Healthline to fulfill its mission of building a stronger, healthier world."

The survey also asked if there were any daily activities that people don't miss...

36 Percent don't miss working in an office,

29 Percent could do without eating at restaurants,

27 Percent aren't missing their trips to the bank,

26 Percent of people don't miss going to the gym, and

24 Percent are not missing going to church.

What pre-COVID activity could stay out of your life?! Tweet us @ConwayShow!

Check out the full survey on Healthline.

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