NASA Needs Your Help Designing A Space Toilet

NASA needs your help!!!

In designing the next generation of space toilets...

The agency has turned to crowdsourcing for ideas on constructing a toilet that's smaller and more efficient than the models currently used on the International Space Station, because apparently those haven't been the best...

"Defecation and urination have been bothersome aspects of space travel from the beginning of manned space flight," an official NASA report on the Apollo missions read.

The 'lunar loo' must work in both zero-gravity and in lunar gravity conditions, weigh less than 33 pounds, and accommodate both male and female users.

"Getting back to the Moon by 2024 is an ambitious goal, and NASA is already working on approaches to miniaturize and streamline the existing toilets," NASA's challenge states. "But they are also inviting ideas from the global community, knowing that they will approach the problem with a mindset different from traditional aerospace engineering. This challenge hopes to attract radically new and different approaches to the problem of human waste capture and containment."

Think you can do it?! You might as well try, as there's $35,000 in prize money being offered for the winning designs!

"Bonus points will be awarded to designs that can capture vomit without requiring the crew member to put his/her head in the toilet," NASA added.

Apply now at!

Read more about the history of space toilets on the Business Insider.

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