Fourth Of July Display with President Trump Mannequin Sparks Controversy

The City of San Marino has been holding a Fourth of July home decorating contest to bring together a sense of community for a while now.

Usually it holds a ceremony with fireworks and a community gathering, but because of the pandemic that’s not possible this year.

So instead the recreation department is offering residents their own free home decorating starter kit.

In the 300 starter kits were sidewalk chalk, American flags, a banner, one roll of patriotic crepe paper and a participating home lawn sign.

However one home has added a little something extra that has gotten a lot of attention.

A mannequin of President Donald Trump holding an American flag.

Leslie Antosy-Flores says she included him because he is the president and deserves to be recognized.

She says she has been criticized for it, but believes she did nothing wrong.

“I did have somebody yell at me and call me a racist. All I’m doing is displaying him with an American flag. I didn’t do anything with any political agenda.”

She eventually removed the mannequin after people continued to yell at her.

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