A Doctor Explains What Really Happens When You Wear Different Masks

As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic there has been conflicting information regarding masks.

Generally it's been approved as a good idea to wear them, but there are some people refuse to do so.

Some say they won't in part because they say they can't breathe with the mask on or that the masks don’t protect you from the virus entering your body.

However, a doctor has set out to prove that those people aren’t right.

Dr. Megan Hall did an experiment for her Facebook followers which showed her wearing four different types of masks and her oxygen levels while wearing them.

Dr. Hall wore a surgical mask, an N95 mask and N95 mask with a surgical mask and shared her oxygen levels wearing each and without.

Her experiment proved that regardless of wearing a mask, or which one, her oxygen levels were between 98-99 percent, with oxygen levels being slightly better while wearing the N95 mask.

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