Apple Introduces New COVID-19 Features

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You've heard it time and time again this year: "wash your hands."

Well believe it or not, for some people doing it correctly is as easy as it sounds. Most people do not scrub for a long enough time or as frequently as they should be.

But don't worry health care professionals don't always sufficiently wash their hands and they are the ones who do the studies on this!

So because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has decided to help with this daily part of our lives. Coming later this year, Apple Watch users will be introduced to a new feature that will assist users in washing their hands the right way.

Apple believed that this feature would be extremely useful as we continue to live through this pandemic. The feature will remind people to wash their hands after they finish a walk or after finishing a trip to the grocery store.

The feature will include a hand washing timer that will count down for users. It listens to the sound of water on people's hands and uses motion sensors to guide them on how to wash their hands correctly.

In another nod to coronavirus, Apple is also updating their popular memoji feature. Users will know be able to add a face covering to the customized emoji they've made to look like themselves.

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