Starbucks Under Investigation After Tampon Found In LAPD Officer’s Drink

On Friday, an off-duty LAPD officer reported that he allegedly found a tampon inside of his Starbucks drink... After already drinking half of it.

The officer said he bought the Frappuccino drink on Friday in Diamond Bar, at a Starbucks store inside of a Target shopping center. According to FOX 11, the officer was not in uniform at the time, but he did use his police credit union debit card to purchase the drink.

“Walnut Station Detectives are investigating an incident of alleged poisoning of food or drink at a local business," the police station said in a statement on Tuesday. "The incident was reported to have occurred Friday, June 19, 2020 at approximately ‪2:30 p.m.‬, on the 700 block of Grand Avenue in the city of Diamond Bar. The victim was a male White 36 years-old. This is an ongoing investigation. No further information is available at this time.”

On Tuesday, Target released this statement to FOX 11 regarding the incident:

"We take this allegation seriously. We have reviewed video footage and have not found any suspicious behavior. We have shared the video with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and look forward to the conclusions of their investigation."

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said its detectives have taken the surveillance video from the store and are now reviewing it.

“This disgusting assault on a police officer was carried out by someone with hatred in their heart and who lacks human decency," the LA Police Protective League told FOX 11 reporter Bill Melugin. "We hope they are publicly exposed, fired, arrested, and prosecuted for their cowardly and repugnant actions."

Read the full report on FOX 11.

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