L.A. County Begins Planning to Reopen Jails to Visitors

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - As Los Angeles County allows many businesses to reopen, it is also considering how to safely allow visits to county jails, juvenile halls and camps.

In-person visits were halted in March. Citing research showing that in-person contact with loved ones supports the well-being of those in custody and reduces the risk of recidivism, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl recommended getting to work on a plan for allowing visitation.

“It's time to consider relaxing restrictions on in-person visits to our custody facilities. We know that those visits, if conducted under new health and safety precautions, have great benefit for people in our justice system,'' Kuehl said.

“Just as the county has developed protocols to allow the public to shop and recreate during the pandemic, we want to see juveniles and adults in custody be able to participate in programs provided by community nonprofits as well as to safely connect to members of their family,'' she said.

Kuehl said all youth in county facilities have been tested and testing has ramped up for adults in custody. The number of people in isolation or receiving treatment for COVID-19 has gradually decreased, Kuehl said.

As of Tuesday, 1,665 jail inmates were in quarantine and another 56 were in isolation. That represents just under 15% of the total jail population, which has been dramatically decreased in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Photo: Getty Images

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