Fire Weather Forecast in Antelope Valley


LANCASTER (CNS) - An elevated risk of fire will prevail today in the Antelope Valley and its San Gabriel Mountains foothills because of high temperatures, dry conditions and high winds, according to the National Weather Service.

Highs in the Antelope Valley could reach 104 degrees today, according to the NWS.

To minimize the risk of sparking a fire, the weather service urged residents to refrain from burning brush or trash outdoors, parking vehicles on grass, or leave a hot grill unattended. The NWS also urged residents to wet the ground before conducting work and warn kids not to play with fire.

NWS meteorologist Todd Hall said humidity levels in the AntelopeValley would be 8-15 percent today amid winds of 15-25 miles per hour and gusts of up to 45 mph. The Valley will be 7-9 degrees above normal but closer to normal in the rest of the county, especially in coastal areas.

While the Antelope Valley will be the hottest residential community in L.A. County today, other valley areas won't exactly be cool, with highs of 90 expected in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The NWS forecast partly skies in the county today and highs of 72 degrees in Avalon and at LAX; 77 in Long Beach; 79 in Downtown L.A.; 80 on Mt. Wilson; 82 in San Gabriel; 84 in Burbank; 85 in Pasadena; 89 in Woodland Hills; 90 in Saugus; and 102 in Palmdale and Lancaster. Temperatures will remain at that level until Sunday, when they'll dip by up to seven degrees in some communities but minimally in others. The sharpest fall will be in the Antelope Valley, where Monday's high of 85 will be 17 degrees lower than today.

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