California's Current And Past Governors Urge Californians To Wear A Mask

This is a sight we'd never thought we'd see. But 2020 continues to be that year. Constantly throwing us for surprises.

Today Gavin Newsom released a PSA for Californians urging them to wear masks to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Well this video featured a little surprise. Some of California's past governors joined Newsom in this video putting their politics aside.

Last week, Newsom required that masks be required in all of California's public spaces and outdoors when a six feet distance is not possible.

The mask debate has become very politicized over the last few months and many residents are upset about thos.

But this very debate has united governors Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis and Pete Wilson.

At the beginning of the video, Schwarzenegger — a Republican — acknowledges, “Hey, maybe you didn’t vote for me.” The governor he succeeded in a recall election, Democrat Gray Davis, then says, “Arnold, news flash — I voted for Gray Davis.”

“This is not about being weak,” Schwarzenegger says.

Does this video make you want to wear a mask now?

For more information, please read here.

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