Cruise Lines Extend Sailing Suspension Into U.S. Through September

If you had summer vacation plans that involved an ocean voyage, you may want to seek a backup if you haven't already...

According to their trade group, the major international cruise lines all agreed on Friday to continue their suspension of sailing to and from American ports, until at least September 15. Those carriers include Royal Caribbean, Carnival Corp. and Norwegian Cruise Line, who had paused operations back on March 13.

Back in March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a no-sail order for all cruise ships. And then on April 9, that order was extended until at least July 24.

According to the CDC's extension order, "the scope of this pandemic is inherently and necessarily a problem that is international and interstate in nature and has not been controlled sufficiently by the cruise ship industry or individual State or local health authorities.

On Friday, the Cruise Lines International Association also blamed "the ongoing situation within the US related to COVID-19," for the move.

“Although we are confident that future cruises will be healthy and safe, and will fully reflect the latest protective measures, we also feel that it is appropriate to err on the side of caution to help ensure the best interests of our passengers and crew members,” The CLIA said in a statement on Friday. “The additional time will also allow us to consult with the CDC on measures that will be appropriate for the eventual resumption of cruise operations.”

Find out all of the latest details on CNBC News.

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