Why Are So Many People Not Wearing Masks?

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This will end up one of the most debated topics of 2020: why are people not wearing masks?

As things have started to reopen again and life as we knew it before the pandemic is starting to appear. But things aren't back to normal. Cases of coronavirus are rising and hospitals are still overwhelmed.

So why don't people wear masks. It's hard for that to answer the questions ourselves. But here are the words from the people who have opted out of wearing a mask.

“It’s probably driven by political scare tactics,” said a 77-year-old retiree strolling with his wife, neither of them wearing masks. A man named Jon told me that he’s in a bar every night, no one in the place wears a mask, and he doesn’t have a problem with that. He said he lost his job in the cement business because the economy shut down, and while he knows the coronavirus is a killer, he wondered why L.A. County focuses so much on new COVID-19 cases and not on the number of people who recover from the virus. A woman named Elise came by with a son who was riding a scooter, neither of them wearing a mask. Elise said she doubted that masks do much good."

Do you agree with this?

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