Sex Parties, Secret Dinners and More. COVID-19 Confessions From Residents

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In 2020, we've been living longer under restrictions than we have without them. It's been a tough year. We are dealing with stay-at-home orders, wearing masks, keeping their distance and flattening the coronavirus curve.

It's a lot. There's a lot of social pressure to be abiding by these rules. Well to no surprise to us here. Not everyone is. People miss hugs, haircuts, and so much more.

So the San Francisco Gate asked readers to submit their confessions of things they've done during quarantine that they weren't supposed to. Readers considered it their sins. They confessed to their secrets and could finally move forward without any guilt.

They were so good to read, we've decided to share with you some.

"I attended a virtual sex party.  It was curious and provided a space for playful intimacy at home on a Saturday night when most nights turn into the next. It was small. Themed rooms. A bigger one is coming up."

"I haven't bought a single mask yet. I find them as I walk around town. They're usually clean and nice-looking, white, blue, some black, one N-95. I take them home, wash them by hand in warm soapy water, no alcohol, no disinfectants, let them dry and wear them."

"My husband is a firefighter so they've all been around each other with no distancing. I went to the firehouse to drop some stuff off a few weeks ago and got a big hug from one of the guys I've known for over a decade. I didn't want to let go. I nearly cried."

"I attended a small dinner party the other weekend at a friend's house. Indoors, no masks, shared food, even hugs. It was really really nice but I could barely sleep the night after I was so worried about getting covid."

What are your COVID secrets? Share them with us @JohnAndKenShow on Facebook and Twitter.

To read the rest of these confessions, please read here.

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