Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Free For Those Who Can't Afford It

Photo: Getty Images

A Trump administration official says the coronavirus vaccine will be free for Americans who can't afford it.

Any American who is “vulnerable, who cannot afford the vaccine and desires the vaccine, we will provide it for free,” a senior administration official told reporters during a press briefing Tuesday morning. 

The senior official says the administration is working with insurance companies on covering the vaccine without a co-pay.

"We will work with them to get the vaccines distributed through the typical channels that they use” such as retail pharmacies and physician offices, the official said. “Our role in the federal government is to ensure anyone who is vulnerable, who can not afford it and desires it gets it.”

Multiple vaccines are currently in development around the world, with the hope that one will be ready by the fall. Officials are aiming to have 300 million doses ready in time for flu season.

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