Classic Music Venues May Not Reopen Because Of COVID-19

Photo: Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone. Sadly because of the closures and delay of events, classic music venues may be forced to close their doors forever.

Many of these venues launched the career of legends and have become landmarks in major cities. The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), is trying to raise funding and build an assistance program for theaters and concert spaces around the country.

Mark Flanagan, owner of the nightclub Largo at the Coronet Theater is assisting with this effort.

“My goal is to represent all venues, whether they’re well-known and famous, or not,” he said, “so if and when we reopen, we’re not hit with unsurmountable bills that would cripple us immediately.”

Los Angeles' legendary venue the Troubadour announced last month that they were in trouble and needed help. Manager Christine Karayan doesn't believe they have the resources to survive this. Since the Troubadour is a smaller venue, it will be much harder to implement social distancing guidelines.

“That means the middle to the end of next year to potentially open, and maybe a 25 percent cap” on crowd size,Karayan tells the Los Angeles Times. “I can’t foresee being able to ride this out like that.”

“We’re lumped in with the big boys, and we’re not the big boys,” Karayan tells theTimes. “We don’t have shareholders. We don’t have corporate money. We are what we are.”

So they started a GoFund Me to get help from fans, but with the future so uncertain. Who knows if this will help

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