Viral Video: Maskless Woman Coughs on Customer in NY Bagel Shop

Video of a maskless woman coughing on another customer in a New York bagel shop is riling up the internet.

In the video, the customer Alliison Goodbaum, spotted a woman not wearing a mask and coughing without covering her mouth.

In an interview with Good Morning America, she says she told the employees about the woman when she overheard the complaint.

The cougher then goes over to Goodbaum and tells her to tell it to her face, not the employees.

That's when Goodbaum says the woman began coughing on her.

"I felt her breath and I felt it you know, on your face kind of like when someone sneezes and she was very close to you. So that part was pretty jarring.
"I was shocked...That was her initial reaction -- was to cough on me. And I was really scared. It started to make me paranoid because I was thinking, did she actually infect me? Because prior to the video, she said she had antibodies, so she can't infect people. I wasn't looking to attack anyone because that's not in my nature. My goal of saying something was to make the establishment aware that I felt unsafe in their store."

While the woman in the video may not face criminal charges, Goodbaum said she is considering pressing charges herself.

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