PETA Says New Clippers Arena in Inglewood Will Be Bird-Friendly

INGLEWOOD (CNS) - Inglewood has revised its environmental impact report on the Los Angeles Clippers arena project to ensure that the new building uses bird-friendly glass, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced today.

The animal rights group said the building would use a fritted finish to make all glass panels visible to birds, and the arena's lighting will be managed so that it doesn't attract birds and cause collisions at night.

“The Clippers net nothing but kudos from PETA for embracing innovative bird-friendly architecture,'' said Caitlin Hawks, PETA's deputy general counsel for litigation . “This new arena will give California's birds an assist as they fly safely through Los Angeles and provide other building developers with a blueprint to emulate.''

Clippers owners Steve Ballmer recently completed an agreement to purchase the city's iconic Forum -- the onetime home of the Los Angeles Lakers - - from Madison Square Garden Co.

Ballmer plans to build a new facility nearby to host Clippers games, while continuing to operate the Forum primarily as a music venue.

According to PETA, collisions with buildings -- especially tall structures with bright lights and glass facades -- kill up to a billion birds every year in the United States. Birds cannot see clear and reflective glass and will careen into windows at high speeds.

Inglewood has scheduled a public hearing on the project for 7 p.m. Wednesday.

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