T-Mobile Experiences Nationwide Outages

Photo: Getty Images

If you use T-Mobile services you may have been a little upset today. The carrier experienced phone outages that started in the early afternoon and continued through the evening. 

Major markets like Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Chicago were the most affected by the outage that disabled phone and text usage for customers.

 “Our engineers are working to resolve a voice and data issue that has been affecting customers around the country,” T-Mobile technology president Neville Ray tweeted. “We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have this fixed shortly.”

Shortly past 6 PM ET, Ray offered this update: “Teams continue to work as quickly as possible to fix the voice & messaging problems some are seeing. Data services are now available & some calls are completing. Alternate services like WhatsApp, Signal, iMessage, Facetime etc. are available. Thanks for your patience.”

When the problem first happened, many thought the issue was on all the major carriers, but that was found to not be true. T-Mobile and Sprint recently closed their merger deal for $23 billion. 

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