UCLA Professor Suspended After Refusing To Extend Final Exam Deadlines

A professor at UCLA was recently suspended because he said he refused to modify final exams, despite the ongoing protests in Los Angeles following George Floyd's death. Gordon Klein joined host Laura Ingraham on 'The Ingraham Angle' Wednesday to discuss the University's decision to suspend him after 39 years of teaching at the Anderson School of Management.

"I got a directive, as did my colleagues, that we should absolutely continue the traditional policy [of] the university, and give the exam as scheduled with only the normal excuses, such as you're in a car accident, you had a death in the family," he said.

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According to Inside Higher Ed, the suspension came after Klein's students asked him to make their final exam a "no-harm" test. At UCLA, a "no-harm" exam is only capable of raising a students grade, due to some kind of unforeseeable outside circumstance. The students also asked him to extend the deadlines for all of their final assignments, but Klein refused.

The schools Dean Antonio Bernardo sent an email to Klein's students on Monday calling the professors decision "troubling." He also informed the students that all of their final deadlines would be extended.

"I followed the specific direction my boss gave me and the school knows it," Klein said.

During Wednesdays interview, Ingraham asked him if he felt like he was "singled out" by the school...

"The best I can figure out, they needed the sacrificial lamb," Klein responded. "That's what my colleagues have told me. And I was [easy] to sacrifice when they're weighing the principle of standing on equality of treatment for all students irrespective of color versus trying to placate the angry mob. It was easy for them, at least they believe it was easy for them, to simply jettison me."

Klein will be suspended for three weeks starting June 25, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

"The school simply doesn't care," he said. "They want to placate the angry mob."

Watch the full interview on Fox News.

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