MLB Proposes 72-Game Season, Some Players Say They're Willing To Sit It Out

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says there will be a Major League Baseball season.

However, some players have indicated they may sit it out if they aren't happy with the agreement...

Players are upset over proposed pay cuts amid a shortened season and risk-waiver requirements.

USA Today reported that several players on one team have indicated that they'll stay home if Manfred imposes a shortened season, even if that means forfeiting their salary. But team owners say they'll lose money if they have to pay full salaries while being unable to sell tickets due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday afternoon, the MLB sent a proposal to the MLB Players' Association that includes a 72-game season starting next month, on July 14. The proposal also guarantees that players will receive at least 80% of their prorated salaries if there's a postseason, and 70% if there's not.

According to sports analysts, the players union is expected to reject the MLB's offer.

Read the full report on USA Today.

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