L.A. County Nursing Homes Still Lack Adequate Coronavirus Testing

New data from the California Department of Public Health shows that over 6,5000 nursing home residents in Los Angeles County have been infected with COVID-19, and 1,336 have died due to complications from the virus. These nursing home fatalities make up nearly half of all coronavirus-related deaths in the county.

Health officials have been promising to meet testing goals at all 315 nursing homes in the county, but that is still yet to happen...

As of Wednesday, only 272 of those nursing facilities had been completely tested for COVID-19, according to county public health director Barbara Ferrer. She added that the remaining 43 facilities were either scheduled for testing, or already in the process.

“It’s a day late and a dollar short," Michael Wasserman, president of the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine said. "To be here, in the middle of June, and we haven’t tested all the nursing homes to me is incompetency.”

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