Jen and the House Whisperer talk Home Fire Protection

Dean Sharp joins Jen as she asks an important question most people don't want to ask...

As fire season starts up, how do you protect your home from going up in flames.

Dean has been our resident expert on the subject for years and these are his top tips:


  1. Keep clutter away from the house.
  2. If you live against open space maintain your required “defensible zone.”
  3. Install ember-proof vents.
  4. Plant fire-resistant landscaping.
  5. Apply semi-permanent fire resistant landscape sprays.
  6. Apply a permanent fire resistant house coating.

During the crisis:

  1. Temporary fireproof gel sprays (what I call “evacuation sprays”).
  2. If you live in a high risk zone, have an evacuation plan.

Listen to more of his tips below and don't forget to follow Dean on all social media @HomeWithDean

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