Fans Say The Simpsons Predicted Another Real-Life Event This Week

Once again, The Simpsons has proven itself to be the Nostradamus of animated sitcoms.

This time, fans of the long-running Fox show say it predicted the decapitation of a Boston Christopher Columbus statue that occurred earlier this week.

The season one episode titled "The Telltale Head" features a scene in which Bart Simpson rips off the head of a Jebediah Springfield statue that was erected to honor the founder of the Simpsons' fictional hometown. Fans are calling the scene a veiled prediction of the June 10th incident in Boston.

"'The Simpsons' done it again," one person tweeted. "The prediction came true."

Other real-life events that were supposedly predicted by the animated show include the recent coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump's election and Disney's merger with Fox, just to name a few... But then again, when a series runs for as long as The Simpsons has, isn't it more likely to include a few scenes that actually do end up happening?!

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