Video: Racist Rant Towards Asian Woman Exercising in Torrance Park

A woman exercising in a Torrance park was subjected to a profanity laced and racist tirade from another woman.

The incident happened at Torrance's Wilson park and shows the woman filming her workout on the park stairs.

An older woman is seen walking past her, allegedly bumping into the person excercising.

She said "Jesus" and that set off the other woman which started her tirade.

"Listen to me. We don't play games here anymore. Next time you talk to me like that you're going to get your ass kicked by my family. They're gonna (expletive) you up.
This is not just for you. Get the (expletive) out of this state. Go back to whatever Asian country you belong in.
You (expletive). This is not your place, this is not your home. We do not want you here. Put that on Facebook. I hope you do. Because every (expletive) person will beat the crap out of you from here on out. Don't you ever say oh Jesus to me when I want to use the stairs you little (expletive)."

The video was shared by the exercising woman's friend and was reported to city officials.

Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey said the city is aware of the incident and that the police are investigating.

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