Tom McClintock Supports Efforts To Get Rid Of Qualified Immunity For Cops

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Rep. Tom McClintock is one of the rare Republicans in office who speaks for the conservatives in California. But this time he's side with Congress' liberals in an effort to overturn the “qualified immunity” that can protect police and other state and local officials from civil lawsuits.

For years, McClintock has been urging for this reform. He is backed by Democrats and Libertarian Rep. Justin Amashin to eliminate qualified immunity.

“Whatever his motive, the killer of George Floyd had 18 complaints for misconduct, and one of his accomplices had six. Why is such misconduct tolerated by big city police departments?” McClintock asked after Floyd, a black man, died while in Minneapolis police custody.

Is it because politically powerful police unions protect the bad apples among them?” McClintock asked. “Is it because the doctrine of qualified immunity shields corrupt officials from accountability for a wide range of crimes?”

McClintock similarly urged this type of reform in 2007 when he was a California state senator.

During 2007, he wanted change after the Copley case came to light. The California Supreme Court ruled that such hearings are closed, and the public does not have the right to learn about allegations of police misconduct in such circumstances.

“The Copley decision basically said that disciplinary proceedings against police officers are none of the public’s business – even if conducted by a civil service commission under all due process considerations – and even if the charges are proven,” McClintock said at the time

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Listen to John and Ken's conversation with Rep. McClintock below:

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