The World's Tallest Dog Is Now The World's Oldest Living Great Dane As Well

Photo: Getty Images

We have some paws-itive news for you. The world's tallest dog breaks second record and is now oldest living Great Dane. Congrats Enormous Freddy!

When standing on his back legs, Freddy is over 7 feet tall. Yes, 7-foot-4! Well officially, he is now the oldest known living Great Dane after turning eight years old recently.

Freddy's owner, Claire Stoneman, threw her big dog and his sister, Fleur, a birthday party on May 17! .

“Freddy and Fleur had a great birthday party and they both had the best time. We decorated the garden and they got loads of their favorite treats and cuddly toys,” Stoneman said.

Erin Manley, Freddy’s best friend and Stoneman’s 7-year-old neighbor, has grown up with Freddy with her whole life and also attended his birthday party.

“Erin has never known life without Freddy. She isn’t [fazed] by his height at all and has always been close to him,” Erin’s dad, Peter said.

Before COVID-19 restrictions, Erin often visited Freddy despite him being such a big boy.

“He’s so big that he towers over her. She cuddles up to him on the settee to watch television and he just towers over her, but they have a very sweet relationship,” Erin’s dad says.

Freddy, who officially measures at 3.395 feet tall to his back, was named the world’s tallest living dog in the Guinness World Records in 2017.

Guinness World Records has confirmed Freddy is the oldest Great Dane they have on record, and Stoneman plans to apply for an official record.

“Freddy was actually the runt of the litter and now he’s got a Guinness World Record and is set to reach a second.”

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