Poll: Most Americans Support Police Response To George Floyd Protests

Photo: Getty Images

There's been a public cry to defund the police because of racism and brutality. But according to data from the Justice Department, these examples don't match the experiences of most Americans.

Data actually shows that there is an overwhelming share of U.S. residents have been satisfied with their experience with the police and believe they have improved the situation.

Millions of Americans call the police for help daily. Sometimes it is for a mental health crisis, domestic violence incident or other emergency.

“Three hundred and seventy five million interactions with the public every year [and] overwhelmingly positive responses,” fumed Mike O’Meara, the president of New York state’s umbrella group for Police Benevolent Associations.

“We don’t condone Minneapolis. We roundly reject what he did as disgusting. It’s not what we do. It’s not what police officers do,” he said.

Seems like these calls for defunding the police don't actually represent what America wants. Don't let the public fool you.

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