This Friday: California Movie Theaters Can Reopen, With Restrictions

Movie theaters in California have been given the green light to start reopening on June 12th, with restrictions of course. The state issued guidelines on Monday that include theaters having no more than 25 percent capacity, or no more than 100 people in an auditorium, whichever number is less.

Proper social distancing, masks, and other safety precautions for COVID-19 will also be a requirement for theaters in order to reopen to the public.

Theaters across the country have been closed since March because of the coronavirus pandemic... Therefore, opening cinemas here in California is a big step!

Fun fact: Los Angeles is the largest movie-going area in the U.S., so this could set the tone for first-run movies to be released in theaters sooner rather than later... New York is the country's second largest movie market, but still no word yet on when their theaters will get to reopen.

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Check out all of the new guidelines for theaters, bars, gyms and other businesses on Fox11.

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