Free Ride Ends: Parking Tickets Return In West Hollywood

WEST HOLLYWOOD (CNS) - Parking regulations that were previously suspended will be enforced starting Monday in West Hollywood.

Due to coronavirus protective orders that kept people at home and changed parking habits, the city ceased enforcement of various regulations citywide on March 16. Now, as stay-at-home restrictions ease, West Hollywood's Parking Services Division will be issuing warnings starting June 15 through June 28, and citations starting June 29, including enforcement of residential permits, street sweeping rules, rush-hour parking restrictions and moving encroachments.

Expired meters, which were limited to citations upon complaint, will be actively enforced again as well, city officials warned.

Safety violations such as blocking driveways or fire hydrants were never suspended and will continue to be enforced.

For those who may still be working from home during the pandemic, residents with valid permits will continue to be allowed to park at nearby meters during street sweeping for up to 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the posted hours at the address where the permit is registered. That will remain in effect through Aug. 31.

For more information about the enforcement of parking regulations in West Hollywood, visit or call the Parking Violations Bureau at 800-687-2458.

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