Child Holds Solo Protest Against Racial Injustice in a Chicago Neighborhood

A nine-year-old boy in Chicago is helping to spread a message of love during these tumultuous times.

Aiden Kelley heard that his neighbors were drawing hearts on their sidewalks and he wanted to join in.

"I just wanted to support like everyone and make sure everybody feels happy because there's been a couple of crazy things happening over the past few days."

To take it a step further, using what he saw on TV, Aiden made a Black Lives Matter sign and stood outside his home.

"I didn't want to just be out here with a crowd staring at me holding my sign. I mean, I thought it would be better to just stand here and have people come and and then ask them if they want to draw and write something."

A neighbor took a photo of the little activist which has been circulated on social media thousands of times.

Aiden's message is clear.....he wants to share love, understanding and kindness.

"There aren't just two races, there is only one race - the human race."

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