Armed Man Bails Attempted Robbery After Victim Refuses To Cooperate

It seems as if today's armed robbers aren't as dedicated to their work as they used to be. For a prime example of this, look no further than Fresno, California.

Just this week, a would-be thief bailed on an attempted robbery at an ATM. Why'd he bail, you ask? Simply because the victim didn't cooperate with his demands!

It all happened on Monday night at a Bank of America ATM in northeast Fresno...

Police say that after the victim had withdrawn money, he was approached by an armed man who demanded he hand over the cash. The victim refused, and said the thief responded by firing a shot into the ground and repeating his demand. The victim said "no" again, and that's when police say the suspect started chasing him around a parked car.

After a few laps around the car, the frustrated thief gave up and took off, completely empty-handed. Fresno Police have launched an investigation and are currently searching for the suspect. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Read the full report on ABC 30.

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