Really 2020? An Asteroid The Size Of The Empire State Building?

Where are Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall and Mary McCormack...or Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck when you need them? (For those who don't get the reference, watch the movies Deep Impact or Armageddon)

Does 2020 hate us?

It seems so because we're about to be buzzed by a giant asteroid, larger than the Empire State Building on Saturday, and it has a name.... 163348 or 2002NN4.

Now, it's going to be over 3.1 MILLION miles away when it passes us, but to the science geeks, that's a little TOO close for comfort. They really don't like anything getting closer than 4.6 million miles from Earth.

JPL says it's 'potentially hazardous,' says it's a 'relatively small' compared to other asteroids, but it's an 'Aten-Class' asteroid, so it has an orbit around the sun and could potentially get closer to Earth on a future pass.

Oh, OK, that makes us feel better. NOT WITH THE WAY 2020 HAS BEEN GOING!

NASA says they're keeping a close eye on things and everything will be ok.

But just in case, can we get Ben Affleck suited up and send him up anyway? Please?

And really, what's next? Aliens?

Oh wait...

Thumbnail Photo: Getty Images

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