UCLA Upset LAPD Used Their Baseball Field As A Field Jail

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Uh oh.

The Los Angeles Police Department is under fire for using UCLA's baseball stadium as a "field jail" for holding the people they arrested for violating curfew.

In case you weren't aware, UCLA named and dedicated their stadium after Jackie Robinson. You know the baseball player who broke the color barrier in baseball. Well now this stadium is being used to hold protesters who are protesting the killing of George Floyd.

UCLA is not happy with how the LAPD has decided to use their stadium.

“We’re troubled by account of Jackie Robinson stadium being used as a ‘field jail,’” the university said on Twitter. “This was done without UCLA’s knowledge or permission. As lessee of the stadium, we informed local agencies that UCLA will NOT grant permission should there be a request like this in the future.”

The announcement from the university came after a letter calling attention to the matter was noticed by UCLA faculty. The letter stated that the LAPD was bringing arrested protesters to the stadium

One Twitter user, who claims to be arrested “during a peaceful protest on June 1,” said she spent five hours in police. custody. 4½ of them were spent on a crowded bus. There was no food, water or bathroom.

“The cruel irony that this took place at a location used as a COVID-19 testing site is not lost on those arrested or on us,” wrote the professors, who also mentioned that officers did not follow COVID-19 protocols.

The area around the stadium had previously been used by local government as a coronavirus testing spot.

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