"Tiger King" Star Carole Baskin Gets Control of Joe Exotic's Zoo

In some lighter news, TMZ is reporting that Carole Baskin, now has control of Joe Exotic's Oklahoma zoo properties to settle a $1 million judgement against him.

Baskin won the million dollar judgement after she sued Exotic for trademark infringement.

Exotic tried to transfer the zoo to Jeff Lowe and his mother but a judge said the move was fraudulent, so Baskin gets the property to settle everything.

Jeff Lowe has 120 days to get himself, his animals and anything that he owns off of the property.

Lowe had reopened the zoo last month, calling it Tiger King Zoo after the Netflix series that made Exotic, Baskin and Lowe household names.

Though he lost, Lowe had some final words to Baskin: "The possibility of human remains being buried on this land should make her feel right at home."

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