Sweltering Temperatures Return to Southland

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Sweltering temperatures will return to the Southland this week, the National Weather Service said today.

The weather service said Wednesday's temperatures, resulting from high pressure, would be 93-103 in the valleys, 80-100 in the mountains and foothills, and 85-93 along the coast.

Wednesdays highest temperatures will be 101 in Woodland Hills, compared to 93 today; 100 in Lancaster compared to 95 today; 98 in Saugus, compared to 91 today; and 94 in Pasadena and Burbank, compared to 89 today. A cooldown will begin Thursday.

In the meantime, forecasters urged area residents to limit outdoor activity during the hottest part of the day, drink plenty of fluids while avoiding coffee and alcohol, dress in light, loose-fitting clothing, and never leave children, seniors or pets in hot parked cars.

The hottest communities in L.A. County today will be Palmdale and Lancaster at 95 degrees.

Photo: Getty Images

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