#FeelGood Australian Wildlife Park Celebrates 1st Baby Koala Of The Season

Photo Courtesy: Australian Reptile Park

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We all witnessed the devastating effects of the wildfires that raged across Australia earlier this year. Millions of acres of land destroyed, 29 people killed, dozens injured, more than 2,500 homes destroyed and an estimated 'billion' animals of all kinds, native to Australia were killed.

One of the hardest hit animals were Australia's koalas...the fires devastated their populations and habitat, mostly because koalas, unlike other animals, don't flee fire. Instead, they climb to the tops of trees for safety, and the heat of the fires causes them to suffocate and fall or simply burn to death as the trees burn.

Many of those that survived the fire starved because the eucalyptus trees they depend on for food were destroyed. A report released in March said that koalas are now under 'significant and immediate threat of extinction.'

But the Australian Reptile Park near Sydney, New South Wales had some good news this week, the birth of a koala joey they have named Ash...and she is ADORABLE.

Ash is the first baby koala born there since the fires and with the park about to reopen after the coronavirus lockdown measures there, everyone's very excited!

Koala keepers say Ash's birth is significant moment because she is a 'sign of hope for the future of Australia's native wildlife.'

Welcome to the world Ash. We already love you!

Check out more on the Australian Reptile Park website, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

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