Petition To Give ETHS Seniors A Real Graduation Ceremony

Melissa Fulton is an avid listener of the John and Ken Show and the proud mother of a high school senior. She recently wrote to us concerning her daughters high school, and how state officials have robbed them of all of their senior activities and graduations.

"Who would have ever guessed that when we were mandated to shelter at home on March 19 that months later our seniors wouldn't be able to have a proper graduation ceremony?" she wrote. "We did this to flatten the curve and we have accomplished that."

So Melissa started a petition in favor of having an in-person graduation ceremony at her daughters high school.

The school responded to Melissa, saying that "essentially their hands are tied and they are waiting on guidance from the state regarding social protocols." The school added that if "social distancing protocols are not lifted, we will schedule a Senior Drive-Thru Celebration." But she says the seniors have worked their entire lives for this moment and deserve that significant rite of passage, so she's not going to give up.

Many of the surrounding schools have found unique ways to honor their graduating seniors, and Melissa believes there's a way that her daughters school can do the same. She will join John and Ken on air today at 4:30 p.m. to share her ideas for the 2020 seniors.

Melissa's petition to give the seniors at ETHS a real graduation ceremony currently has over 800 signatures.

Click HERE to sign the petition.

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