Will Hand Sanitizer Explode If Left In A Hot Car?

While it's important to keep sanitizer close at hand during the pandemic, some experts are now warning people not to leave a bottle of it inside of a hot car for too long. That's because sanitizer and other flammable liquids can potentially explode in direct sunlight, especially if vapors leak out in the confined space. But not all experts say it should be a worry...

Wisconsin firefighters recently shared a photo of a car that was seriously damaged when a bottle of sanitizer ignited inside a 95 degree vehicle. But even if it doesn't explode, sanitizer left in the car could actually become less effective as the alcohol evaporates.

On Friday, the CDC commented on the dangers of leaving alcohol-based hand sanitizer in a hot car, claiming that while it's possible to catch fire, it's not very likely to happen.

"Although the incidence of fires related to ABHS is very low, it is vital that ABHS is stored safely and that bulk dispensers are installed and maintained correctly," the CDC explained.

Most experts agree that the best option is to just keep the bottle with you.

Check out more details on CBS News.

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